Can you resist a good puzzle?

If you love a good puzzle, then Trichromix is definitely the game for you. Play the puzzles Trichromix serves you and you can actually feel yourself getting smarter! Want to try it yourself? You can. Just download the free demo.

Experience Trichromix

Trichromix is a completely original brainteaser. A whole set of brainteasers actually.

  • Enjoyable and engaging puzzles. Puzzles in Trichromix are challenging, without being frustrating.
  • Play at your own pace. There are no timers in Trichromix and the puzzles are turn-based, so you can take all the time you need to plan your next move.
  • Don't worry about mistakes. Trichromix has an unlimited number of undos, so if you make a mistake, you can always back-up.
  • Affordable price. At only US $17.50, Trichromix is great value for money. (How much is that in my currency?)
  • A year long free upgrades. Every version of Trichromix that will be released within a year of your purchase, is yours for free.


The following screenshots give you an impression of what Trichromix is like.

Screenshot of the Trichromix main menu. Screenshot of Trichromix while playing a puzzle. Screenshot of the Trichromix puzzle editor. Screenshot of the Trichromix tutorial.